The AOT gets people out of jail scam

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The argument has been made in some version many times. It is powerful. It is emotional. And it is so very, very wrong. It distorts the facts and in doing so prevents solutions to a very real problem.

The argument goes something like this:

1. Treatment works.
2. Jails are filling up with people with mental illness. The usual figure quoted is 325,000.
3. This crisis is the result of their failure to access treatment. (Because of course treatment works)
4. The solution is to force people to accept treatment so they will no longer commit crime.

AOT will solve the problem of the mentally ill in jail…

Simple right……


The argument has more holes than it has argument. Many people might argue that the across the board assumption that criminal behavior is a result of a defiency in mental health care is simplistic nonsense that obscures the real…

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