Imagine a land…..

Imagine a land…

Imagine a land where some people have the opportunity to lead healthy lives and some don’t…

Imagine a land where poverty was an illness…You would be sicker,  suffer more, die earlier and largely be unable to get medical help until you were too sick for it to matter.

Imagine a land where you were one of the poor people needing help and the state legislature dismissed plans to help as a federal plot to manipulate the state.

Imagine a land where the people in rural areas had to worry whether or not their hospitals would also close.

Imagine a land that refused  to let the taxes you paid earmarked for your state come into your state to help you.

Imagine a land where men and women who had served in their country’s military were left without insurance,  without aid or help.

Imagine a land where thousands of disabled people were without insurance because they are too poor.

Imagine a land where at least two people a day because they are too poor to quality for help.

Imagine a land  where thousands and thousands of people with mental illness or drug abuse issues can’t get help… even if they want it  real badly.

Imagine a land where poor people are blamed for all the above being true.

Imagine a land where the people who need help are called irresponsible by the people who refuse to give it to them.

Imagine a land where the leader of the state senate says the only sensible thing to do is wait 2 or more years to talk about anything related to  helping those who need help.

Imagine a land where the people who would deny access to health care for others are given access to health care

Imagine a land where a sitting state senator tells one of his constituents he is an asshole without one word of comment from his colleagues.

Imagine a land where many people think the poor cost too much money but do everything they can to keep them poor

Imagine a land that refuses to  give health insurance to 280,000 people  but tells them not to worry.   They can now take a gun anywhere they go.

Imagine such a land.  Can you?

It’s called Tennessee.


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