December is a bad month. December 26 will be the start of the third year of Linda and I being separated and it is an anniversary I dread. The Tennessee legislature meets again on January 12 and I so want to be optimistic on Insure Tennessee … But I wonder if it is not closer to a Christmas wish than a political likelihood. I have learned to never underestimate the ability of politicians to do mean things in the service of what they see as their political self interest.

It has been a month of swimming with alligators personally. I don’t know how many times I tried to write blog posts I just deleted after 2 or 3 sentences. Nothing seemed possible to really say. Not that there wasn’t a lot to say. There was.

Last night my grandson Tobin came over and we just played. And laughed and played and laughed some more. He doesn’t have a hateful or mean bone in his body. (I think many of you have a Tobin in your life.) And after he left some stuff finally seemed clear to me.

Right now a lot of people are trying to chart the future ahead that he will have to live with. A lot of people are trying to define what will be or won’t be possible for him.

And many of them are just not good enough for him.. He deserves better than:

Those who want to define hate and violence as common sense….

A system which talks about justice but doesn’t mean it.

A world which defines his worth by the groups he belongs to or the content of his bank book.

A world that sees poor people as getting what they deserve and rich people as deserving of more than they already have gotten.

A world that thinks some people are less people than others because of the difficulties they face in life or the circumstances they are born into.

A world in which politicians think their job is to do whatever they have to do to get elected again.

A world in which it is an open question whether or not we need to do whatever we need to do not to destroy the planet we live in.

A world in which our reality is defined by the names we call others and the names they call us.

A world where our presidential candidates try to figure out how to pander to bigots without becoming one

A world in which some people die in the midst of many doctors.

A world in which some people have no where to live in the midst of many houses.

A world where some people starve in the midst of others who have more than they can eat.

Tobin deserves better than any of that.

And you know what…. I think when he gets a little older and so much is not about toys and fun and laughter… I think when he finds words… I think he might think we deserve better too.

We spend so much time and deal with so much anxiety and fear and anger and guilt trying to show we stack up and our good enough for the world what would happen if we tried to make the world good enough for us?


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