Tracy….. Please, please help


The picture above is of my friend Tracy Foster who I have written of more than once on this blog. The link below the picture is to a post she is very much featured in. If you haven’t read it I hope you will. It will introduce you to Tracy and make what follows make a lot more sense. The final link is to a gofundme account set up over a year ago to help her stay alive.

I met Tracy over a year ago in Nashville. She had come to Nashville to try to speak to the state legislature about Insure Tennessee. She had no insurance and she had cancer. But she had the wrong kind of cancer. In Tennessee if you are a female and have cervical or breast cancer you qualify. Tracy had bladder cancer and was dying in agony. The picture above was after Tracy found out that the state would not help. Her question to me that day in the hall was simple. “Does this mean I am going to die?”

Vanderbilt Hospital heard about her and agreed to give her care without cost. She has no income. She has applied for disability but in Tennessee that is at least a two year process and that is 2 years she may not have. She lives over a hundred miles from Vanderbilt and the gofundme had kept her alive. It has put gas in her car, kept her car running, given her food plus a million other things to help keep her alive. She has tried to sell whatever she has that people will buy to help keep gas in her car. Not having had money for her has been life threatening. If you have the capacity or are considering an end of the year gift I hope you will consider helping Tracy. I can think of nothing more in the spirit of Christmas.

But Tracy is in real trouble and her needs go far beyond money. The medical situation is critical. She had developed a second cancer and is fighting for her life. This is from the latest update on the gofundme account :

“Please keep sharing and praying.I have to go back after the holidays and make a decision to either try treatment again or stop my treatments are supposed to stay in bladder for two hours and I couldnt even hold it for a full hour.It was so painful and really tore my bladder up.I need all the prayers I can get.I am getting weaker and feeling so bad.I just have to pray and just hope I make the right decision for me.But right now I am honestly ready to give up.I just am so tired and feeling bad for begging people to help me. I just want to feel like myself again and it seems like that’s never going to happen.Thank you all for your love and support. ♡♡♡”

Here is what you can do to help.

1. Share this post with others and ask them to help.
2. Consider helping Tracy on her gofundme if it is within your capacity to do so.
3. Pray for her and if you go to church share her name and situation with your church and ask others to pray.
4. If you are on Facebook consider friending Tracy. She loves in Clinton, Tennessee. Give her your support. She needs human contact. Your outreached hand can make a difference. None of us can affect the medical situation. We can touch the human situation.

One of my favorite stories Jesus tells is of the good Samaritan. Tracy is neighbor to each of us. Please reach out.

May God bless you this Christmas season.


One thought on “Tracy….. Please, please help”

  1. It is unconscionable that this can happen in the richest – and so-called most excellent and ‘most free’ – country in the world! A person is NOT free if he/she cannot access decent health care for all his/his needs! Ah yes, but those ‘rich congresspersons’ NEED their six-figure farm subsidies, don’t they?!

    If Tracy could somehow get a ticket (and a temporary residence VISA) to another country, like France or England, she could get all the health care she needs – mostly free of charge – even though she isn’t a citizen of those countries. Hell, even Cuba will help people who are not Cuban citizens (reference documentary by Michael Moore).

    I want to help Tracy, but I have my own, unpaid medical bills – many with a collection agency that contacts me regularly for payment – to deal with. I also have ongoing, chronic health issues to – somehow – finance. I think they are going to begin garnishment proceedings against my part-time employment wages soon, since I filed bankruptcy (primarily because of unpaid medical bills) only three years ago. No more bankruptcy for me for at least another seven years! (NOT that I am proud of – or like – the fact that I actually had to file bankruptcy for the second time because of unpaid medical bills).

    Point of Interest: I had partial health care coverage and STILL had to file bankruptcy for the unpaid portions of those medical bills!

    In all seriousness, this is a national crisis and I imagine there are FAR too many ‘Tracy’s’ silently suffering – and dying – in our country. When – for god’s sake – WHEN will WE Americans finally say enough is enough and not allow this to be a reality in our so-called ‘excellent and free’ nation?!
    My heart bleeds for you, Tracy, and for all the other Tracy’s (and Kay’s) out there . . . . . . .

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