Dear Governor Haslam:

We both know that what you believe about health care is intricately tied to what you believe about poverty.  And Tennessee has a lot of poor people so what you believe about poverty says a lot what you believe about Tennesseans.

There are people who believe that poor people are basically lazy and lazy people should not have access to health care.  The idea that health is earned by work seems barbaric in a state in which 60% of people with mental illness are unemployed, in which blacks and other minorities are disproportionately unemployed, and in which getting sick without insurance keeps you from having a job.  It is barbaric to be okay with shorter and sicker lives for poor people because you think they are  lazy.

Governor a lot of poor people voted for you.  They are ready for you to be their governor too.

Don’t wait for it to be easy.   Make it possible. It is way past time.

We need your leadership.

Insure Tennessee

Until tomorrow,

Yours truly,

Larry Drain


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