The mental health industry is to blame for police shooting the mentally ill : the wisdom of DJ. Jaffe

This one is over the top even for Mr.  Jaffe.

His article starts out :

“On April 30, San Diego police Officer Neal Browder felt compelled to use deadly force to subdue mentally ill Fridoon Rawshan Nehad. In 2010, San Diego police used bullets on mentally ill Nathan Manning and mentally ill Bradford Sarten. To placate a public outraged by the use of police bullets to subdue the mentally ill, legislators in Washington, Sacramento and San Diego have taken action to train police on better ways to handle the mentally ill.

But the legislators are misguided. The police step in when one condition has been met: The mental health system failed. Police are not the problem. The mental health system is. It only accepts the highest functioning into their programs and turns the most seriously ill over to criminal justice. Until legislators force the mental health system to accept, rather than shun the most seriously ill, police training is at best a Band-Aid.”

Below are videos to “not-police” problems. Perhaps you or someone you know has had your own “not – police” problem. There are many more… many, many more. That is if you talk only about people being killed. If you talk about beatings, brutality, and trauma I would suspect the number grows exponentially. According to the Washington Post the number killed is 124. 124 people have died in not police problem shootings by the police. Before you read any further it is worth reading Mr. Jaffe’s article again and then looking closely the Post article. The Post article talks about specific details of many episodes. Judge for yourself.

The first video is of Kelly Thomas. The video is very disturbing and you need to consider carefully before you watch it. The police in this case did not need to use a gun. There were many of them. They just beat him to death.

The second video is of Jason Harrison in Dallas. He had a screw driver in his hand. Police shot him probably less than 10 seconds after he came to the door.

Back to Mr. Jaffe. I am way past angry. There must be a word for trying to use human tragedy for political gain but off the top of my head I can’t think of one that actually adequately describes what he is trying to do. He is basically saying that the police killing of innocent people with mental health problems can only continue unless the Murphy Bill is passed.

It is nonsensical, distorted and cheap articles like this that fuel the anger and fear of so many people when the listen to those who try to sell it as the blueprint for what the mental health system should be. It is a remarkable and despicable double edged sword. The Murphy Bill is, if you believe them, both the only way to stop the violence of the “mentally ill” and the only way to stop the police from shooting them. Lord help us all.

Jaffe is trying to sell AOT in this article. That is his answer to police violence. It seems clear that the perception of AOT as do all, cure all, core of the solution to everything is in trouble both with the Democratic opposition in the House as well as the Senate as a whole. And the AOT guys are scrambling. That is the most charitable thing you can say about the article. Senator Murphy comes from a state with no AOT and is not filled with love for it. Senator Alexander from Tennessee whose committee any mental health bill must go through has been heard to say AOT will not fly in the Senate bill.

Let’s go back to the article.

Jaffe says the officer “… felt compelled to use deadly force to subdue….” That is a remarkably antiseptic way to say decided to kill.

Jaffe says they decided to train cops on better ways to deal with mental health crisis to “placate” the public. CIT (crisis intervention training) he later says is a “bandaid.”

It is hard to know what exactly to say to say to stuff like this. It is hard to believe that anyone takes stuff like this as serious but if Mr. Jaffe has anything to do with it they will.

One friend had a different take. “I am glad Mr. Jaffe is back on attack. It is articles like this that left the first Murphy Bill in flames. The scorched earth advocacy really turns people off and maybe if he yells loud enough that AOT solves everything maybe more and more people will realize it solves nothing. ”

I don’t know. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “The mental health industry is to blame for police shooting the mentally ill : the wisdom of DJ. Jaffe”

  1. It is pretty simple. Our police need to stop killing people. All people. Unfortunately, the anti intellectualism that is rampant in our culture demands that all things be equal, including the demand that such ignorance be equal to laboriously acquired knowledge. If this was not the case, arguments such as Jaffe’s would have no audience and would quickly dry up and blow away.

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