The best people in the world

In no particular order this is my list of the best people of 2015.  They have all blessed my life,  at  times without even knowing it.   Thank each of you for who you have been,  what you have done,  and the many gifts you have given so graciously and so generously.   Bless each of you :

Tobin –  my 15 month old grandson.   I think you will be on this list many more times.   Your life has given me life.   More than anyone will ever know or understand.  

Mike and Marilyn –   To our oldest friends.   Your kindness,  support  and care mean so much.   I would tell you how much we owe you but I lost count a long time ago.

Corey,  Kyle,  and Jamie –  my  3 sons.   I always know I have done something right.

Doug Overby,  Becky Massey,  Richard Briggs,  Jeff Yarbro.   Tenn state senators.   Led the fight for Insure Tennessee last year.   The heroism of compassionate care is real.   I am  honored to know you.

Darby Penney.   An  advocate with integrity.   You give me faith for what we are all capable of.

Sharon Cretsinger.   Don’t tell anyone she is a kind person.   It’s a secret but I know.

Pam, Anna,  and Katie.   Warriors for health care justice.   The walk through the mountains was one of the best things I did all year.

Tracy Foster.   I saw the tears of 280,000 people in your tears.    I hope one day to  live one day with 50% of the  courage you live every day.

Sarah Knutson –  community is what we give each other.   You give much more than your share.

Dawn –  friend to Linda and me even when we were not easy to be friends to.

Tenn Justice Center.   Tennessee is blessed.

Carol Westlake.   Our talks are some of the best talks.

Daisy Jabas.   If you judge people by the quality of those they call friend then Daisy had been making me look good for a long time.

All the people with the Tennessee Health Care Campaign.   Rich, Lucy, Laura, Todd,  Polly, Judy, Walter and so many more.   You give me faith in the good guys.

Yvonne Smith –  Your passion for justice is  a gift.  Your friendship is an honor.

So many people who have been so supportive of us in this worst of all years.   Your comments on the blog,  on Facebook,  in  so many places and so many ways had meant so much.   If you are reading this the chances are really high you are one of my best people in the world.

Kathy Flaherty.   It is always nice to have a smart person tell you that you are smart.  It is even better when a good person tells you that you are good.

Art Sutherland.   A better idea whose time will come.

Linda.. It is way past words


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