A modest proposal: The uninsured citizens solidarity act of 2016

Be it resolved:
That in reaction to public concern about the Legislative response to Insure Tennessee and to express legislative solidarity with the uninsured citizens of Tennessee and to quiet fears and concerns that legislators care little about what happens to poor people the following is to be instituted:

1.  Each member of the legislature will during the fiscal year go for 90 consecutive days go without access to any health insurance they may have.  During that period no member of their family will also be allowed to access that insurance.

2.  Should any medical needs arise they may only use the resources available to a citizen below 138% of poverty levels.

3.  Any legislator that requests it should be given a copy of healthcare resources normally used by the uninsured in their district.

4. At the conclusion of their 90 days each legislator will write a report detailing their experiences, issues dealt with, and recommendations for future policy that will be published in every newspaper in their district.

5. Any money saved in expenses saved by the state for not providing health care to legislators will be put into a special fund to help defray medical costs of the uninsured in Tennessee.

6. This act will be declared null and void upon passage of meaningful health care reform in Tennessee that being seen as proof the legislature has demonstrated a knowledge and concern with the welfare of poor people in this state.

Before any legislator has a heart attack be assured I do know the difference between reality and a joke unlike some of your colleagues.


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