One of the great myths of psychiatry is that diagnosis prescribes treatment. It doesn’t.  It justifies it.

More than anything it is what you tell insurance companies to justify that  what you want to do is reasonable and called for or for that matter why you need to do anything at all.

It is common knowledge that diagnoses depend as much on the diagnoser as the diagnosee.   Not everybody sees the same thing and there is real question whether or not deciding where you place someone on a checklist of symptoms is the same as even having a real thing to see.  

The post below is an older post but still describes what I believe to be true.   In the midst of the Murphy storm it is still worth considering.

No person is the diagnosis that tries to explain him. It is neither identity or destiny.

No diagnosis is ever true in the same sense that no map is ever the place it tells you how to get to.   At best,  they are either useful or not. Many are not. They may or may not tell you something about yourself but even if they do you are more, much more than what is told. Your life is not a symptom of what you have but a journey to what you would like to become. There may be many things difficult and overwhelming. There are for me. At times you may not do as well as you would like or hope. Life is hard because life is hard, not because it is a disease.

The assumption made by those who diagnose is that everything that has the same name is the same and because they are the same there is an underlying brain pathology shared by everyone with that name. There is no reason I know to believe that behavioral checklists have neurological correlates. That is a matter of faith and not of science.

For me I believe my life is more like the weather than like a chair or a table or something you put in a box and label. It is fluid with many factors intersecting that make things more or less likely to happen. The difference is I can’t do anything about the weather. My choices, my values, my goals, my aspirations, the people I love and care for and those who do the same for me all make a difference.

The poem below was something I wrote a long time ago but it still expresses how I feel.

You are not the things

You are called

No matter how frequently

you are called them,

Or who calls 

Or why they call.

You are not the things

you are like

regardless of how much

you are like them.

You are not

the things that measure you,

that place you

or limit you.

You are not

what you have,

how you look,

or how you feel.

You may be many things,

But no thing is all you are.

You are a gift

in a world needing gifts,

an opportunity,

a miracle,

in a world that often believes in neither.

You can care and be cared for,

Touch and be touched,

Laugh and cry,

Live and live for.

You can be alone  or be with,

be brave or be scared.

Nothing is closed,

but nothing is free.

Close not your eyes

And reach to be all you can be.


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