A note to the uninsured: an alternative to Insure Tennessee… become a legislator

A post from last year. Stop the hypocrisy. Insure Tennessee.

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State releases records for lawmaker health premiums
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Legislators are outraged.

Not because 280,000 Tennesseans are without health insurance…

Not because of people who die because of lack of medical care…
Not because of people who suffer unnecessary pain because of lack of adequate medical care…

Not because of people who lose years of their expected life span because of lack of preventive care…

Not because of millions and millions of Tennessee taxes dollars going to other states….

Not because of more and more rural hospitals either dying or on life support….

Not because of the missed financial benefits of Insure Tennessee…

And not because of the way the most important bill of the session never even got a full vote on the floor…

None of those reasons.

They are outraged because a lot of people struggling with one or two part time jobs with…

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