A person worth being

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I knew  someone once whose only mission was to drink himself to death.

He knew more about treatment than most therapists.  When he would go in to detox he would tell the staff what withdrawal would be like for him.  He would tell them how many times he would throw up and when.  He would tell them how long it would take for him to feel better.  He could describe every step of the process in detail.He knew.  He had done it so many times he just knew.

 We talked about how many inpatient programs he had been in.  He could remember 24, but there were more he was sure.One frustrated doctor told him it was no longer a question of if he would die.  It was only when.

 He was 45 years old.  His body was 70 years old.  He looked like death and he knew.

In early years…

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