Dear Senator Ramsey

This letter was originally sent to Senator Ramsey last March.   It unfortunately still applies :

Dear Senator Ramsey :

I don’t understand how the hatred of Barack Obama has become something like a political rite of passage in Tennessee.  It amazes me that  to be considered politically legitimate in this state you have to demonstrate that your hatred takes a back seat to no one.

I have had people tell me he simply is the wrong color and that is probably true for some but still…. there has to be more to it than that.

One representative told me there were only two political motivations that counted in Tennessee:  hatred of Obama and fear of those who hated  Obama. It just seemed so sad.
Bill Haslam thought it was enough to come up with a good sense proposition in Insure Tennessee.   He was wrong.   A deal that would serve 280,000 without costing Tennessee a dime complete with an exit strategy was simply labeled Obamacare  and then all the good sense in the world no longer mattered.  The problem with the governor was not that he cared too much.  He hated too little.

I mean really… what else motivates a Republican legislature to embarass totally a Republican governor with a 70%  approval rating?

Nobody is  moving past Insure  Tennessee.  Your idea of waiting 2 years for a Republican president is silly.   Don’t you really understand?   People have waited too long and can’t and won’t wait any longer. 

Your responsibility is to lead. We  need a third motivation… an undying and determined effort to help the people of Tennessee regardless of who it makes mad or how politically incorrect it might be in some people’s eyes.  Senator Ramsey that could be you.

Until next time.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain


One thought on “Dear Senator Ramsey”

  1. This is carrying being a sterotype of a hill belly a bit far. 1 in 6 tenneseans live in poverty. Many of them work every day are poor but too rich for medicad.People are dying and or thier health is bein irreversably altered. Republican/Teaparty philosphy. I dont want to say republican because what is going on is an embarassment. Richard Nixon was for nation medical insurenc coverage. Senator Ramsey and others need not make Tenesseans wait just so they can say they had a republican health plan. What is going to be the difference in having coverage now or two years from now. The death and ill health of Tenneseans. Its cheper to have people get the care they need today than to pay for emergency and catastrophic care. Tennesee is a prosperous state and its residents while they may not pay state tax pay federal tax. I understand the concern over the deficit but why doe Senator Ramsey want Tensean residents not to enjoy the benefits of health coverage.??? A decade from now people will ask what is wrong with you Senator? Someone wll come up to you and say my son died because of you. My daughter has ireparable damage because you put the interest Tenneseans behind cluby politics. People’s health is not a basketball or football game. There are real permanet consequences and people will remember.

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