Monika (from April 15, 2015)

Maybe a Sunday prayer……

She broke her toe and
Died in Tennessee
In the year 2014
A broken toe
No insurance
No care, no help
A blood clot
A sore leg
Up to her lungs
A death
In decent times
Never died
Her mother
Was proud of her
Said she was a good girl
And a fine adult
She had life and love
And passion and care
She was
Her mom said
What more people
Should be
But she died
In Tennessee
With a broken toe
Her mom was there
Tuesday for her daughter
The Tuesday they
Tried to kill
Insure Tennessee
She came out crying
“Are they done….
Are they done….”

We are not done
Battles are but
A step in wars and
Maybe Tennessee is
Different now
Not about the 6
In the room
But the 800 in the halls…
“ain’t gonna let no senators
turn me around
turn me around
turn me around….

Keep on walking
Keep on talking
Gonna be a brand new day.

Today pause for a moment and remember Monika who didnt have to die.

And say a prayer for my friend Michelle who misses her daughter so very bad.


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