It is time to Insure Tennessee



People from all over Tennessee… Ordinary people…. Perhaps by the hundreds… Perhaps more… will gather in Nashville for the start of the Tennessee state legislature. Their message is simple and is about a better Tennessee. Insure Tennessee Now!! Their message is for their families, their neighbors, their communities and for many themselves….. “Stop the needless suffering… Stop the tragic deaths…. Give all Tennesseans a fair and equal chance at life..”.

The vigil last night started off in the dark and cold. It is a darkness and cold 280,000 Tennesseans know well. But there is light and there is hope. Please be part of that light.. Talk to your representatives. TELL THEM. TELL THEM LOUDLY. “It is time. It is long past time. Insure Tennessee Now”


One thought on “It is time to Insure Tennessee”

  1. It’s such a shame that my state offers me no help because of some government employee that figures we don’t need federal medical help! When it comes right down to it , it’s the federal government and state government that gives them their insurance! Help those that really need it the young and the old!

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