Dear Governor Haslam… Please come home





Dear Governor Haslam :

The people came to your house a couple days ago but I don’t think you were home. No one saw you if you were.

Come to think of it you really haven’t been home in a while.

The pictures above give you a little bit of an idea of what you missed. I really wished you had been there. Hundreds came to support your ideas. A big thank you from you would have been really okay.

Insure Tennessee is supported by the majority of the people in this state. You already know all the plusses better than me. But you walked away and I really don’t know why. You said it would be hard. You said you might fail. And somehow this was supposed to make it okay to walk away. I really don’t get that. A lot of people now dismiss it as a political inconvenience. The think this is a bad time. BAD TIME FOR WHO???

Really… Bad time for who???? Not for the sick… Not for the dying….. Not for those worrying about the next time they get sick. Not for 280,000 Tennesseans. Is the future of health care justice in Tennessee to be defined by the primary risks of our legislators?

If it is not important enough for you to defend why would they consider it important enough to fight for. Is not your abdication of any responsibility to lead the defining link in this whole sad situation? Is it not?

When Insure Tennessee failed last year and you did little or nothing to fight for it I was in a rage. It felt like the worst of betrayals. Then I decided I was wrong and I needed to be encouraging and supportive. After all you did come up with the idea of Insure. Now I realize both choices were wrong. It was not about anger or encouragement. It is and should have from the start about holding you accountable.

Insure Tennessee is the best thing you have done as governor. You deserve all the credit for that. Insure Tennessee was also the worst thing you have done as governor. You caved in to petty politics. You made your decision based on what scared you instead of what you said you were committed to.

Governor Haslam please come back to the house. Without your voice it will be hard going to see it become real. You were afraid to take a chance on it failing before. Would you not consider taking a chance on it succeeding this time.

Governor the people came to the house. Please come back. Insure Tennessee was a great idea. It actually could be a law that made things better. Doing the right thing is often not convenient. But you could really make a difference.

Your first call was right when you presented the law.

It is time, really really time, time right here right now….. Insure Tennessee Now.

Governor you can help make the difference. Please come back to the house.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain


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