Thank you

In recent days this blog has gotten a lot of attention and I want to thank the many people who have been kind enough to read and to leave me some kind of comment rather it be on the blog,  on Facebook,  or just a personal note.   I really appreciate it.

I think sometimes it is really hard to follow this blog because I am sure the focus seems to shift a lot.   Sometimes it is about stuff like the Murphy Bill,  sometimes more personal oriented,  sometimes more recovery oriented,  and sometimes more about health care reform.   Right now a lot of posts have to do with Insure Tennessee.

For me the focus is simple.   My abiding question,  my abiding focus,  my  daily concern is really one thing : the possibility of justice. 

Life is hard and will always be hard.   Despite what some psychiatrists seem to believe it is not a something to be cured.   Life is hard, but it is more than hard. It is also about love and connection, purpose and value.  It is far too often about proving we matter and far too little about celebrating the fact we already do.  It is also about justice.

It is about “the least of these.”   It is about neighbors.   It is about promises made and promises being more than words.   It is about trust and anger and prejudice not being unexamined “common sense.”  It is not just about what our who we are but also about who can become.

It is about better life for so many people who believe they are left out of that equation.   It is about you, me… all of us.

An awful lot of people have been very nice to me.   They have been way past gracious and often have treated me far more important than I am.   I am very grateful.   If anyone ever asks you what this blog is about tell them we talked and it is simple.


Thank each of you for hanging in.


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