Why is this being voted on?????


First off read the article above.   Nothing else I say will make much sense if you don’t.

Why is nonsense like this bring voted on??  In a legislative session that says it is a bad time to vote on Insure Tennessee,  in a session that says it will be lucky to get out of committee  why is trash like this worthy of a vote.

Please ask the question.   Please ask the question.   Contact Speaker Harwell.  Contact Senator Ramsey.   Contact your legislators today.   Share this post with others.

A legislature that says it is a good time to talk about this but Insure Tennessee is inconvenient is a legislature with little dignity.   Tell them what is important.   They don’t know.

Tell them today.   Tell them you want your state to be more than a joke for late night comedians.

Tell them.   Insure Tennessee now.


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