The First Letter to the Governor

The link above is the first post in a new blog “Letters to Governor Haslam”. I hope you will read it and tell others about it.

And I hope you will write your own letters to Governor Haslam.

Insure Tennessee now

Dear Governor Haslam :

This is the first of a series of letters I intend to write you. I am confused by your decision to abstain from the battle for Insure Tennessee. I do not understand why. I really don’t understand. These letters are not an attempt to blast you. They are not about being angry or rageful. They are my attempt to hold you accountable for your decision, to encourage you to step up and to help begin the process of making Insure Tennessee real.

I have never seen any politician, especially one in a senior leadership position like you, have such a good, potentially great idea, just simply abandon it and walk away. You say it still is a good idea. What you would for 280,000 people is far more than a good idea. You have the potential to have a greater impact than all the doctors in Tennessee. A “good idea”????

You say nothing has changed. You say the legislature hasn’t changed their mind… You say it will be hard. You seem to be afraid of the consequences of trying. What is lost if you don’t try? Or maybe a better question is who.

You backed down at the end of the last session. You said it was hopeless and you were helpless to make a difference. I don’t know how to say this in a way you would like to hear. Governor Haslam I really fear what hasn’t changed is you.

I have heard the legislators aren’t educated enough. More facts and figures are what is needed.

I have heard they don’t really understand what it means to live in the gap and need to talk to more people who live with no coverage.

Maybe both are true to some degree. But that is a bigger and more passionate truth. Fear. People are afraid if they step out they will face primary challengers. They fear they will be charged with the crime of being soft on Obamacare and they want you to keep them from being a tea party target.

I hope many people write letters. I hope many people hold you accountable. Your support is important to any chance of success and I hope no one gives you a free pass. Political convenience is not the answer to the needs of 280,000 Tennesseans who deserve a lot more.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain


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