Against violence…. Martin Luther King day

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day.   This post is in honor of that day….

I am against violence…

I am against the violence of poverty.   I am against the assault on the soul,  on the mind, on the body of people who know life is about doing without what they need.  I am against the terror of those who must live with their children’s hunger. I am against the fear of  those who must worry if they can pay the rent this month.   I am against the violence of culture which dismisses the poor as lazy and getting what they deserve while the gap between the rich and poor gets greater and greater.   

I am against the violence of health care injustice. I am against people dying for lack of medical care simply because they are poor. I am against the unnecessary suffering of those who suffer from illness and sickness we can cure or treat simply because we lack the political will or integrity to make that care available to those who need it.

I am against the violence of politicians who proclaim hatred and fear as common sense and civic virtue. I am against the violence of the politics of division and suspicion. I am against the violence of politicians who in the service of their own personal ambitions tell us the solution to our problems is in who we need to attack and the walls we build to separate us from each other.

I am against the violence of hunger in a land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am against the violence of politicians who would protect us from the danger of poor people eating too much.

I am against the violence of homelessness. I am against the violence of believing people bring it on themselves and that homelessness is an index of measure of someone’s character.

I am against the violence of a system that tells us that the verdict of our life is in the labels placed on us. I am against a system that our life is but a symptom of my deficiencies and that the things that are important to me are of less value or importance than the same things are for other people.

I am against the violence of those who would treat others as less because of their race, their faith, their gender or living situation. They are a cancer on this planet.

I am against the violence of pharmaceutical companies who would have us believe that the pursuit of their bottom lines are motivated by a desire for scientific truth.

I am against the violence of a society in which we routinely shoot our neighbors and friends at a rate unheard of in other developed countries and then explain it away as the threat of the “mentally ill.”

I am against the violence of those who would justify the death or injury of others as a duty given to them by God.

I am against the violence of those believe that maintaining the health of this planet must come without economic inconvenience. I am against the violence of those who ignore the facts in front of them or try to explain them away in the service of political ideology or economic privilege.

The lesson of Martin Luther King is that you matter and I matter. The lesson of Martin Luther King is that justice is possible and the pursuit of it matters all the time.

I hope tomorrow is a good day for you and you will stand for so many who are unheard and unnoticed. You matter. I matter. We matter. Let’s make tomorrow matter.

God bless!


One thought on “Against violence…. Martin Luther King day”

  1. It wasn’t a new discovery otherwise I wouldn’t have begun to know there was something wrong with the mh program. The program told the patients it was perfect and the patients were the potential failures. It was an all or nothing deal. You either passed or failed. I’ve since learned that programs can be good for taking what parts of it you can use and parts of it you can’t use should never be forced on anyone. The mh program insisted I believe things which I didn’t believe, not know things which I knew, feel things which I did not feel or not feel things which I felt strongly and that I lied when I was telling the truth and keep secret the abuses I had seen there. I knew it was not a situation to heal in but to survive and leave.
    What was not a new discovery were some of the teachers I have had in the past and returned to, the ones who enabled you to feel capable and helped empower you. Sometimes they taught in a way as if they were shining a flashlight on what it was you had not seen to make sense of the concept.
    In the mh program, you were at risk for disagreeing with someone who was employed there or refusing to let them disrespect your boundaries. It was considered insolence or non-compliancy, something to be punished and pathologized. Even not understanding what it was they wanted or needing it to be understood that you processed information in a way which was different than theirs could be written up as a failure to comply. It was good to separate from the mh program and be reminded and reinvolved in what I did want to be part of.

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