What is your plan…..

Iowa Voter Forces Cruz To Confront The Human Toll Of Ending Obamacare – http://huff.to/1SsUDF3


People die not just from disease or illness, but also from lack of care for those illnesses and particularly from lack of timely care.  The link above tells about an encounter Ted Cruz had with a man whose family member died from lack of timely care.

Politicians talk about time with Insure Tennessee.  They say this is not a good time….Lets wait until after the election…Lets wait until things are not in the way…..Lets wait until it is more possible…Lets wait…

Time is also important to 280,000 Tennesseans.  Some of them cant wait.  The illnesses, the sickness, the pain they know and live with given time to grow and strengthen and feed will grow beyond treatment.  Cancer, heart disease any of a thousand other illness do not exist on a timetable of political convenience.  Why do we want to create problems beyond solution when we can solve problems now?  Do politicians really believe there is a good time to suffer…..a good time to die?  How many of them have spent a night in an emergency room talking to people whose medical system is that emergency room?  How many of them have talked with people who have sat hours waiting because their emergency is not “really an emergency?”  How many of them have talked to people who have left emergency rooms with referrals to doctors they cant pay to go see or medication they cant afford to buy?

The man from Iowa, in the article above, only has one question for Ted Cruz.  He doesn’t care about the rhetoric, about the political points.  He only wants to know one thing.  What is your plan?  What are you going to do instead?  What would you tell the people who cant wait?

What are you going to tell the people who cant wait?  What are you going to say to people who say “If not now…when?”   What is your plan? And if you do not have a plan when will you have one?  And how can you tolerate for one day not having a plan to address the unnecessary suffering and deaths of so many Tennesseans?

Time is important.  Ask any sick person with no insurance.  Ask any poor person who knows that in Tennessee their poverty, should they get sick, may well be a death sentence.  Ask any of 280,000 people who when they listen to politicians talk about the right time and political reality and political risk can only shake their head and wonder why they know so little about real reality and care so little about the risks that 280,000 face each day.

We need to talk a lot more about time than we do.  Ask your representative.  Ask Governor Haslam.  While they wait for the right time, for the safe time…..What are we to tell the people who cant wait?


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