Smile day….

Today was the 41st anniversary.

In 1975 Linda as a college freshman at David Lipscomb College in Nashville (long before she met me)  had an idea and went to the student body president with that idea.   So was born the first and last “smile day.”   The idea was to have a day when people told each other they were glad to see each other,  that they treasured their company.   It was a day where the most important thing you could do was to tell someone else how important they were. It was a day to smile.

A very important day.   Linda doesn’t think they ever got around to a second one but she doesn’t know.   Shortly afterwards she was thrown out of Lipscomb.   She had several days with a bunch of seizures.   A dean told her they were not set up to deal with “people like her”  and asked her to leave.

But they had a day.   It’s a shame the holiday never caught on.   It’s a shame that it had to be a holiday. Would have been a great way to celebrate every day.

Today was the anniversary.  41 years ago they had a  “Smile Day.”

I think it must have been a good day.


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