The story of the sea gulls

I read this in a book.

There are 5 seal gulls setting on a wharf over the ocean.  One decides to fly away.  How many are left?


There is a difference in intending to do something, feeling like doing something, wanting to do something and actually doing it.

I mess that up a lot.  A whole lot.

I cant even begin to count the times I have badly wanted something to happen, or badly wanted to do something or was filled with a passion for something and nothing ever happened.

I don’t always do hard things well.  I have found that for me it matters if I try to make hard things easier to do.  Make them more likely. Every moment of every day we are making things either more likely or less likely.  Make the things you want to have happen more likely to happen.

I do things better when I build the capacity to do them.  Capability matters.  It means a lot of things.  Try to fill my days with things that are good for me as much as possible.  Try to find people who really support me.  I need no more accomplices.  Practice doing the things I want to do, particularly those things that help me to be the kind of person I want to be.

Make deciding a habit. Do something.  Evaluate it.  Change as necessary.  Little steps are steps.

I spend too  much time being a gull.











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