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“Dr.Hood informed me yesterday of my monitor results from a few months ago.My heart is staying in a sustained tachycardia and they are doing test to see why my heart is beating so fast even with my heart medicine..My heart is reaching 180 beats a minute pretty regularly..Sent me home and told me to avoid stress because this is dangerous..How do I avoid stress? I really would love that answer..he said that is reason I’m staying tired and feeling weak.and I’m at a high risk for a stroke or heart attack..Also said that maybe about an hour out of the day my heart goes below 130..Will be going back and forth for more test and for them to try and figure how to stop this before my heart just gives out..Thank you for your prayers and would appreciate more..God bless..Tracy♡♡♡”

The fight for Insure Tennessee is about heroism. It is about ordinary people, people without access to medical care, people often suffering, often sick saying they matter. It is about people who refuse to be defined by political convenience or ambition. It is about people who say we are defined by how we care for each other and who know that preventable death and unnecessary suffering can not be the policy of a decent government. It is about people like Tracy Foster.

The quote above is from my friend Tracy Foster. She is in the gap. It is the latest update on her gofundme account and if you open the link you will find the story of her fight for life. If you have read this blog you have heard her story multiple times. She is one of hundreds of people who have been to Nashville this month to tell politicians that now is the time to Insure Tennessee, that right and wrong is not defined by political season.

By any measure I know she is a hero. She would protest and tell you that you were wrong if you told her. But make no mistake. She is a hero.

I have seen a lot of movements in my time and I am convinced that although the powerful may win their share of battles that wars are won by the persistent. And persist we will.

I am thankful for the Tracy Fosters. I am grateful for her spirit and her courage. If this is about courage I celebrate people like Tracy.

I celebrate the courage of so many people.

It is time. The song below says it all. “Fill it up”

Insure Tennessee now.


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