Happy birthday Sharon

I hope you will join me in wishing my friend Sharon Cretsinger a happy birthday today.

I count myself lucky to know her and very lucky to call her friend.

She has taught me much…..

It is okay to be messy.  In the end all you can do is do your best and you owe no one apology for the best you can do

Honesty is not about the payoff it gives you.  It is about the kind of person you are.

Hope.  You can like people you disagree with.  You can trust people you disagree with.  War does not need to be forever.

Persistence is a kind of courage.

Know when you are not at your best and don’t try to pretend you are.  Everyone already knows.

Life must be chosen each day.

Sometimes we don’t get past wounds and hurts as much as we would like to.  Sometimes the biggest deal is surviving what we cant change.  Life is not fair.  If it was it wouldn’t be life.

Care about others proactively.  Find time to listen.

Sharon I saw this movie last night and thought of you when I listened to this scene.

Have a great day Sharon.



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