ON Forgiveness and Real Revenge

Forgiveness is always harder than it sounds. From the archives

Hopeworks Community

The post below was one of the first posts ever written on this blog.  It was written when forgiveness was easy.

A person who we always considered a friend has committed a violent crime against us.   We have been not only victimized but betrayed and betrayed in the worst way possible.  On top of that, although the perpetrator admits the act it looks like he will walk free due to a legal technicality.  The injury is severe.  Really, really severe.

I have believed all my life in forgiveness and reconciliation.  Linda and I have both lived through many hard times and hard things and forgiveness was and always has been part of healing and moving forward.  It is our first impulse normally and not the result of any great thought or consideration.  It is who we are.

For the first time it is different.  Some of it I understand…

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