On silence and prayer

I write tonight because I believe in prayer.

Many of you who have followed this blog for awhile know something of the medical issues and trials that my wife Linda has had to deal with.

A couple of months ago I first talked about her problems with hearing.  After having what she thought was a lot of problems with sinuses she went to a ent who told her that 50% of her hearing was gone and that he thought that the loss was progressive and the outlook for her in the future was not very good.  A subsequent exam by an audiologist confirmed the diagnosis.  They only have hypothesis about why but he insisted that it was real, it was going to get worse and that she needed hearing aids immediately.

The first thing we found out was that insurance wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole and we entered a world we never knew anything about.  They were breathtakingly expensive.  We started searching the internet for options and talking to everyone we knew to try to find any options or resources that were realistic or practical.  And we kept on hoping they were wrong or that any problems would be a long time in the future.

Problems are now.

Hearing is becoming an issue in daily living.  Linda is having a harder and harder time following conversations.  Even things like watching TV or listening to music is becoming harder.  It is moving much faster than either of us anticipated.  We don’t know how much worse it is but it is bad enough for the first time to make a real difference.

Linda is scared.  I am scared.

I talked with a speech professional today that described something of the path ahead.  He said normally what happens is that people lose the ability to hear high pitched sounds first.  This means that some ordinary sounds of speech become harder and harder to hear.  One sound that becomes harder is the ch or sh sounds for example.  As the brain stops hearing certain sounds its ability to make those sounds starts to atrophy.  Speech and language become involved.

We have found one place that may talk to us but even that place require a down payment that we cant make to get a monthly payment we can make.

We hope you will keep Linda in prayer.  Your support is so appreciated.  If you have ideas about resources or options we are certainly open.  This is uncharted territory for us.

As a personal favor if you have time I hope you will consider giving Linda a personal contact.  She is easily found on Facebook.  Right now encouragement and support matter

Thanks to each of you for what you do and who you are.  You are way past a blessing.

Again thanks,





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