10 questions for this Murphy season

The new Murphy season is nothing if not confusing and complex.  There are many new players and competing agendas and how anything will turn out is anything but sure.  Here are some questions I have that I think will go a long way towards clearing up the confusion.

  1. Murphy would not listen to the Democrats when he had he only bill in town.  Now they have a bill of their own which is largely what they tried to get him to listen to in the first place.    How will the  Green bill affect the Murphy Bill?  Can or will Murphy continue to ignore anyone who disagrees with him?
  2. There are more Republicans in the House than Democrats.  Will the Republicans pass a bill they can no longer claim is a bipartisan bill?  And what will be the Senate and White House reaction to a “Republican mental health bill.”  Will it be still born like so many House partisan bills?
  3. Murphy’s approach was to write a bill and try to get people to agree to it.  It looks like the Senate approach will be to try to get people to agree first and then write a bill about what they agree.  How likely are they to be successful?
  4. Will the Democrats accept a bill that is in part framed as a violence control bill as a substitute for gun control?  Will the Republicans accept a bill that is not framed as a substitute for gun control?
  5. Rep.  Murphy is not in control of this process any more.  How will he do with this?  How will he actually cope with having to compromise?  Is ideology more important to him than anything?
  6. If the White House is working with the Senate to write their version of a bill how will that affect the final product?
  7. Can the Senate actually come to an agreement with the House both parties are willing to live with?
  8. What effect is the voice of those who have been in the mental health system likely to have on this process?  How can this effect be increased?
  9. Will any Bill be likely to really change anything about the mental health system?  If you could make sure one thing does not become part of the bill what would it be?  If you could add one provision what would it be?
  10. Is the best bill no bill?

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