Where is your power?

All of us rely on something to deliver, something to make life possible, something to deal with the deprivation and threats of life, and something that enables us to capitalize on the opportunities for happiness and success we encounter in life.

Life is a competition of promises and the way we live is defined by the promises we buy into.  Promises tell a story.  They tell us about what life is about.  They tell us what matters and what makes life better and what makes life worse.  Sometimes our trust, our faith is confirmed.  Sometimes it is not.  Sometimes we find we have put our faith in little promises to do big things.  And sometimes our promises deliver nothing.

There are all kinds of promises.  Some people believe it is about money.  Some people believe it is in social status.  Some people believe it is in influence.  Some believe in how much you get.  Some believe in how much they give.  Some people believe in knowledge or facts.  Some people believe in “truth.”  Some people believe in what you belong to or what others don’t belong to.  And some people are willing to buy into anything that gives them some hope of feeling good whatever the consequences.

Sometimes it seems like no promises work.  Hope seems a deception and a cruel hoax.

Life is high water with no hope of rescue.

What brings you power?  What do you trust?  What do you invest in?

At least for me my sense of personal power fluctuates.  Sometimes I feel right on top…Sometimes I think I am not riding the bus, but somewhere deep under the wheels.

But real power has a resilency to it.  Situations may make it seem buried but somehow it continues to raise its head.

The faith in something that matters gives you the courage to face the things that try to make nothing matter.

Power is sometimes found in what we come to believe is true.

These things give me power.

  • I matter.  No matter how crappy the circumstances, how effective or ineffective I am, how big a mess I make or how much of a mess I clean up I matter and so do you.
  • If I matter then the things that are important to me matter….the things I feel, what I think, who and what I care about, my dreams, my visions, the things I am good about and the things I wish I did better…..all these things matter.
  • Life is about learning.  My failures as well as my successes all give me the chance to get better at life.
  • It is ok not to always do so good.  You can only do the best you can do.  To believe otherwise or to have others tell you otherwise is foolishness.
  • Small steps are steps.  The direction I am going defines where I am most likely to go.
  • Kindness is the most powerful thing.  To care without guarantee or promise of what is to happen next is the ultimate courage.
  • Prevent problems, cope with problems, build capacity and strength.  All of these things are utterly essential but above all things do one thing….survive
  • Treasure justice.  It is not always easy or sometimes doesn’t even seem possible but we are hurt by the injury to others.
  • As much as you want a fair chance….be a fair chance for others.
  • Never underestimate your courage.  It is not about medals and acclaim.  You are the medal.
  • Ordinary people matter because in the end there are no ordinary people.
  • Life is about invitations.  Never miss an invitation to smile.  We never miss an invitation to be angry or be hurt.  Smiling is just harder work.
  • Living is about finding better life.  You are a story yet to be written.  Never believe you are the conclusion to one already written.

Blessings are sometimes nothing more than faith confirmed.  I hope that for you no matter how hard things are, no matter how confused or how seemingly inevitable pain and misery is life is about possibility.  It is about magic.

May you know the blessings of life and may everyone you meet and everyone you care about know the blessing of you.









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