Is the party really over? Is it??


A year ago if someone had told you that either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz would be the Republican nominee for president you would have doubted their grasp of reality.   If they told you Marco Rubio was not only a moderate but the last hope for moderates you would have known they had no grasp of reality.   Yet it is reality.

A year ago if you told me you were a Republican and I told you this was going to happen you might have told me this was not what you meant by being a Republican.   But this is what it means.

8 years ago the Republican party sought to unleash a firestorm of anger and hatred and fear to defeat Barack Obama.   They wanted to make him not matter.   Their firestorm has consumed them and now they don’t matter.

If they win a friend told me the only wall needed would not be too keep people out but to keep the rest of us in.

I worry…. No that’s not it.   I am scared.

I am old and I fear that everything I ever hoped this country would become will become little more than a dream, a piece of inconvenient silliness that we have moved past.

I am poor and I fear that we will become more than ever a country that knows the poor are lazy and the creators of their misery.   I fear we will become a country whose government protects us from caring instead of one whose government values the impulse and value of care.

I am sometimes hungry and know others who are always hungry and fear we will become a country who sees the hunger of its citizens as common sense and not something they can our should do something about.

As a young person I  remember what it was like to wonder if I was going to die in Vietnam.   I remember wondering what it was like for people whose children died in the lies of Iraq.   I have a grandchild now and I am thankful he will be too young to fight in the new Republican wars but wonder if he will grow to ever know peace.

I still have no health insurance.   Linda and I have been fighting for health care justice a long time and I fear a president who is so mean,  so stupid,  so blind he promises to take it away from millions on day one.

I remember as a kid in school learning that America was great because it welcomed people who knew no welcome anywhere else.   Are we now to become a country that welcomes no one?

I remember when the value and worth of the common man was the worth of this country.   I fear we will become a country who thinks it’s biggest problem is that the rich are not worth enough.

I believe that the core value of this country should be justice even when that justice threatens the position and power of the powerful.  We have become a country whose elections are for sale.   I fear we will become a country where the call for justice will be written off as the complaints of those who just want to complain about everything.

I think we can be a country even though diverse still connected by common values and dreams and the unshakeable faith that each of us matters.   We are becoming a country defined by our differences and anger and resentment.

I fear we are becoming and will become even more a country that solves problems by figuring who to blame.

It should be okay to be  different in this country and too often it is not.  The experience of many is that it is dangerous.   I fear how dangerous it is about to become.

I fear we are about to become a people who puts the profit margin above the health of the only planet we have and I think about my grandson and his children and wonder how many more children there will be and wonder about the world they will be born into and wonder how loudly they will curse our names.

I have survived 10 presidents and I worry if we will survive the 11th. This is the most important election of my life. It is about far more than a man chosen. More than ever it is about the country we are and the country we hope to become.


One thought on “Is the party really over? Is it??”

  1. As so often Larry your words resonate so much within me I can’t distinguish whether they are yours or mine. But I know (or fervently hope) that it is not us but a community of caring that is developing on Sarah’s conference calls that is the main thing – one individual or several don’t to be able to hear above the noise or staying alive in the maelstrom the vortex that is swirling around. But in some ways it suffices


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