silences to be broken – to listen, to learn, to be there for each other


One thought on “silences to be broken – to listen, to learn, to be there for each other”

  1. I agree with Larry %100 on this issue and applaud his courage (and for that matter mine) for speaking up even though a distasteful pushback is to be expected. I have been involved in progressive and indeed radical movements since 1965 in Berkeley during the FSM (Free Speech Movement). If women ventured into action planning meetings they were expected to fetch coffee for the men and provide “comfort”. I did not speak out at the time because for one thing I was a lowly freshman but more importantly anyone suspected of being a person acting or being labeled as a “mental case” were immediately ostracized. This occurred at the FSM leadership level (particularly Mario Savio). It is sad not much has improved in 50 years. However, at the risk of being vilifie, it must be said that some woment will speak of any man as inheartenly sexist or an oppressor based solely on his genitals. IN a way this reminds me that some Jews are rabid anti-Semites. Our ‘movement” remains at the bottom of the barel in the wider disability movement and has been so since the early 80’s when we barred from getting services at the first major CIL (Center for Independent Living) in Berkeley. Unfortunately it is a historical fact that oppressed miniority in any ‘progressIVe” movement are prone to vicous infighting. In my opinion this the single most damaging issue in “our movement” and needs to be addressed square on as Larry is doing.

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