How many despites do you have in your life?   Despite being treated unfairly…. Despite not being listened to… Despite being blamed…. Despite feeling bad… Despite making mistakes…… Despite these and a thousand things you still function…. you still act according to the kind of person you think you are or want to become…. you connect with others….. you are still kind…. you continue to learn and build skills and capability…. you still can find joy and satisfaction….. you still find hope.

Do your despites define you? Are you resilient in the face of bad things that would have you believe there are only bad things?

Resiliency is always a comparative.   Resilient enough to…… It is never an absolute quantity.   It is always defined by the context.   In a sense we are all camels but the straw that breaks my back may well not that which breaks yours.   All of us have soft spots…. injuries deeper than others.   We don’t deal the same with all adversity.

If despites are hard for you don’t waste your time analyzing them into dust.   Look at your successes.   What are your “stills”?   Despite this I still…… How do you continue when everything says you can’t? Do what works .  Most of us don’t give enough credit to what we know or what we can do.   I know I don’t.

Despite every bad thing in the world you still matter.

Despite all the very real pain you may live with pain is not the only very real thing.

Despite all you don’t know you can still learn and know.

Despite all your mistakes and bad choices you are not a mistake.

And despite how simply rotten today has been I pray and believe you can still find a better day tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Despite”

  1. You, Larry, are a profound human being and I appreciate your message here, and the many preceding it. THANK YOU. Inspiration for hope is a priceless gem you give to us all for free.

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