On a new day

Based on an older post

When I woke up this morning I was struck by the notion “this was a new day”.  A wave of relief rolled over me.  Many of the last few days have not been very good.  Several have been really bad.  Many of the things that made them bad still remain, but I began to wonder “how locked in am I?  How often do I just let this day be yesterday or the day before??  Even with all the givens can I write this day?  How do you make this day a new day??”

This is my list. I dont know that any of these are particularly deep or original.  Some of them I have written about in other contexts.  Some I have not.  Taken together they are my prescription for a new day :

1.  Get up.  Start your day with the anticipation that something good is going to happen today, something significant, something meaningful and you dont want to miss it so you have to pay attention. Resolve not to let your attention be diverted by those things that tell you everyday is the same.  Wake up.  Get up.  And anticipate finding out how this day is a new day.

2.  Make a big deal of things that are better than you expected.  Celebrate throughout the day.  The more you celebrate the more you find to celebrate.

3.  Be grateful for things that are not as bad as they could be.  Each day has a measure of mercy and normally we miss it.

4.  Do something good for you.  Do something you want, something you treasure, something you have a passion for everyday.  It is amazing how often we hope we have time for that stuff.  You know we never do.  Dont let good things be an option.  Make time.

4.  Accept unpleasantness.  Let it have its turn.  But go on to other things.  Dont let it have more than its turn.  Avoid what you can avoid. (Often its important you dont)  Cope with what you can can.  Recover from what you cant cope with.  Accept what you cant change.  There are enough problems without creating pointless problems trying to make it better.

5.  Make at least one person feel like a person and glad he is.

6.  Make sure someone you know knows how grateful you are for them.

7. If you mess up remember the day is not over.  It is still a new day.  Be grateful for what you learn from what you wish you hadnt done…

8.  Laugh.  If there is nothing to laugh at you missed it. If you cant find the joke tell one to someone else.  Maybe they are still looking too.

9.  Find an excuse to be kind.  Maybe someone else will get the idea.

10.  If someone else makes your day remember you can do the same for someone else.  Dont miss your turn at bat.

11.  Some days nothing works.  There would be no good days without bad days.  Thats why tomorrow is a new day.


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