The lost city of Tennessee

Have you ever wrote something you wished was no longer true?  This was written last year…

It doesn’t have to still be true..

The lost city

There was once a great city in Tennessee long since gone.  It was a large city, the third largest in the state, 280,000 people.  Although great in number it was a poor city.  All of its inhabitants were below 138% of poverty.  None had any kind of health insurance.  Sickness was normal for there was no way to keep people well.  They once had many hospitals but all had closed.  No one, no way to pay the bills.  They closed and the buildings stood empty, museums to what once was and was no longer.  The people were hard working people.  Many had 2 or 3 jobs but still no insurance.  New industry no longer came there.  Industry was about making people rich and this city was about being trapped in poor.  Besides no one wanted to employ somewhere with no doctors or hospitals.  It was a city without hope.  People died earlier than those that lived other places in Tennessee.  Some thought poverty was a capital crime and the executioners cancer and heart disease and diabetes but some died also of colds and flu and ordinary things so perhaps they just died from life.  No one really knew.   They knew there was talk sometimes of insurance, and medicine, and health but it was never more than just talk.  The government said it really cared and was real sympathetic but they had to be careful because some things just cost too much.  And if they started to pay and couldn’t afford it how cruel that would be if everyone got used to not dying and then had to back to early death.  Parents hated it when their kids grew up because they were normally freed from insurance on their 18th birthday and the parents knew it was a freedom not really free.

They heard everywhere of the scandal.  The federal government thought everyone should have insurance and Tennesseans knew that was wrong.   No one should tell them what to do and a cry went up to come up with a plan.  It went to a Senate committee and there a plan was created and it was brilliant.

The city was just known as the land of needless death and they decided to close it down.  They shipped the people away some to each and every town.  Those that were so visible were now invisible and needless death was no more.

Needless death still exists.  It’s still one of the largest cities in Tennessee.  No one’s life should be measured in lost months of life expectancy and for too many too often it is.  Call Senator Ramsey and Rep. Harwell and ask them to bring Insure Tennessee to the floor.  And if they won’t ask them what their plan is.  What exactly are they for?  If you are not against needless death you are for it.  There is no middle ground.  Ask again and again and again till you get an answer.  WHAT NOW???? WHAT IS THE PLAN???? Accept nothing less than an answer.

There once was a city.  Now it is every city and every town.



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