Is the game rigged…. On the battle to Insure Tennessee

Reposted upon several requests

Hopeworks Community

To one degree or another I have been involved in the struggle for health care justice in Tennessee for many years. My wife and I started when Governor Bredesen starting cutting thousands and thousands of people off Tenncare. Recently our life has been totally disrupted by the failure of Tennessee to expand Medicaid. I wrote Governor Haslam over 140 letters asking him to reconsider. When Insure Tennessee came along we felt hope for the first time in a long time. We survived the massacre of Insure last year. This year…. well this year has been the slow death of waiting for something to catch fire that just never found flame. I have been without insurance for 7 years now. I am one of the 280,000 Tennesseans in the gap.

What follows is more questions than answers. I have come to believe something I don’t want to believe and hope someone…

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