On Ron Ramsey and the democratic process

As Insure Tennessee 2 winds to an end a lot of thoughts and reactions come to mind particularly as I try to consider next year.

The first one is the scariest.

Ron Ramsey has the power he thinks he has.   And if by democratic process you mean the result of elected representatives working together and all voices being heard there is none.  The Tennessee legislature is a top down organization. It is about control and those in charge have no intention of giving up control. Individual members answer as much to the leadership as they do to the people who elected them…. if not more.

I didn’t believe it at the time. I don’t want to believe it now. I don’t want to believe it ever but….. Was Insure Tennessee not dead when Ron Ramsey said it was???? I would like to be wrong and if I am I would be grateful if you show me how.

And to the degree that is true do plans for next year not need to focus on some way to deal with this. For example, I think it might be an uphill battle anyway but the active support of Bill Haslam seems absolutely crucial. Is there any real reason to believe Ramsey will soften his stance? Was this year really just about elections or was elections just a justification for what he wanted to do anyway and will next year not bring new “reasons?”

I don’t know to what degree any of this is accurate but I think it is at least worth considering. One thing I do believe is that there has to be a renewed effort to increase the intensity of public support. In the first year I felt like it was an open and raw issue. I felt like that never took hold this year. It felt like the urgency of the issue was not there for many people. Am I off base here? Does anyone else feel the same?

What will make a difference next year? I am afraid the same thing will leave us with the same thing. Nothing I have said in any way says don’t fight. Fight and fight hard…. Just make sure we know the battle before we start.



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