The Penalty for Poverty Should Not Be Death: Insure Tennessee Now

The Penalty for Poverty Should Not Be Death –

Poverty kills people.   A major part of the reason it kills people is that being poor often means little or no access to health care.   Poverty means too often no health insurance.

The numbers in the article linked above are disgraceful.   They are a shame on anyone who would tell another person because of the condition of his bankbook he should not have access to basic health care.   It would be more than the good Samaritan ignoring the stranger beside the road.   It would be him kicking him for good measure as he walked by.

Please send this article to your representatives.   Send it to the Governor.

With it send the following :

I understand that Insure Tennessee was a political inconvenience this year.   Perhaps the needs of poor people often are.   Given the facts in this article and the many, many first hand stories that have been told when will it not be inconvenient?  When will the lives of Tennesseans be more important than the political party you are part of.   If a poor person came to your office with a copy of this article what would you say to them?   What would you say to me?   When and under what conditions are you willing to say that the continued ignoring of this issue and the willful disregard of the lives of Tennessee citizens is no longer morally acceptable.

Please send to your representative and share their response.   I would love to share it with others.


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