Write…. Write….. Write…. It is time for our leaders to lead

I have come to believe the chances of Insure Tennessee passing the state legislature are slim at best unless our leaders actually lead.   The legislature is very much a top down thing. It appears to me that members appear to answer as much to the leadership as they do to the actual people who elected them.  

What Ramsey,  Harwell and Haslam do will have a major effect on the decision of any legislator to publicly speak out in favor of Insure Tennessee.   I don’t see Ramsey changing.   It is not clear to me how to get Harwell to take a stand on anything.  

That leaves the Governor.

Over the next days,  weeks and months you will see a steady stream of letters to Governor Haslam on this blog.   I don’t know that I can write everyday like I once did but I will write often as I  can. I hope you will read the letters and share them with others.

The letters will have a similar message.   Commit to the fight.  What you do matters.   Even if the fight is hard and the chances for success uneven it is a fight worth making.  Be the governor.   280, 000 people are counting on you.   Make a difference that will really define your legacy.   The people support you but you must welcome and value that support. This can be done!!

I hope you will write also.   I hope you will encourage others to write.   And I hope you will make sure Governor Haslam feels your continuing presence all year.   Write and write again.

There is not a button to push to start.   Use your voice.   It is not to early to start.

If you do write to the Governor I would be delighted to share letter with everyone.


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