On heroes and who we are : on helping Tracy Foster


We live in a time of too few heroes. We don’t lack for volume or loud people. We don’t lack for people who would advance their interests at the expense of the rest of us. We don’t lack for people who tell us anger and hatred make more sense than kindness or caring about those who few people care about.

We lack heroes.

I know one.

Her name is Tracy Foster.

I have written about her before on this website and perhaps you have read at least one of these posts before (On being told you are going to die…. https://hopeworkscommunity.wordpress.com/2015/11/01/14363/)

Tracy is an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances. I met her in Nashville advocating for Insure Tennessee. She is sick… really really sick. She is in a fight for her life. A fight without insurance. Her steadfastness in that fight, her courage, her attitude are extraordinary. She is one of the many heroes of the fight for Insure Tennessee. She is a life that matters. She is life worth saving.

Things are getting worse for her. The update on gofundme reads:
Been really sick for over two weeks.Had two Er trips.Found spots in my ureter and bowels on CT scan.Been throwing up alot and so weak and dizzy.Have to get my appointments bumped up sooner.Please keep praying and share this..I need to get meds and have money for my upcoming trips to Vanderbilt.Thank you and God bless

Gas money is life money for Tracy. Her only way to live is to ask and I think she really hates to ask. She has no disability… no insurance…. no nothing. She lives in every crack at the same time.

People are going to die in Tennessee. Our legislature has made that inevitable. We can help Tracy.

Perhaps you cannot help financially. Many of us can’t. That is okay. Keep Tracy in prayer. Pass the word to others. Maybe you know someone who can help. Contact Tracy. The worst thing is being scared alone. Please reach out.

Tracy is my friend and I count myself lucky. She reminds me of the kind of person I would like to be.

Please help.


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