Dear Governor Haslam….. On your legacy

Dear Governor Haslam,  

10 years from now ,  20 years from now  most of what  you did as Governor will be forgotten.  I think you will be remembered only for what you did on one thing – – Insure Tennessee.   Insure will be your abiding legacy to the state.  It will be what defines who Bill Haslam was, what he did, and how he made Tennessee the state it is.   What do you want your legacy to be???

My grandchildren will hear about a time  in Tennessee where our people could not go to the doctor and when people who didn’t have to die died needlessly and tragically.   He will ask why and then he will ask who made it that way and who stopped it.

Which one would you tell him you were?

Governor it is never a bad time to ease the suffering of a people.   It is time.

Insure Tennessee.

Please lead the way.

Yours truly, 

Larry Drain


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