On March 19, 2015… Remembering a friend

I found out tonight that my friend Mike Walsh died a couple of days ago.  It has been a very very most sad night.

Mike lived in Cookeville, Tennessee about 120 miles from where I live.  He was a warrior for many things especially health care justice in Tennessee.  His journey to justice started a long time ago and because of his journey we are all further on ours.  In his death much was lost, but in his life so much was gained.

Mike was kind in the same way most people breathe: quietly, without effort or affectation.  He believed in law but thought the law should be the door to a better life instead of something in the way.  He never thought democracy was something we had but a choice each of us made by the way we lived and in every day, in everything he did he did democracy.

I first met him at a meeting in Nashville. He heard about my separation from Linda and approached me after the meeting to voice his support asking what he could do to help. Mike and his husband Bob told us anytime we went through Cookville and needed a place to stay we had one and more than once we found that true. I remember the night where they called almost every pharmacy in Cookville trying to get medication for Linda so we wouldn’t have to drive home late at night.

Meeting Mike made you thankful for you knew his friendship was one of God’s graces.

I don’t think we were especially close friends. We only met a handful of times, but Mike had a unique ability to let all his friends know they were good friends.

Mike I mourn your death. It was way before your time but want you to know what so many of your friends know. In your living were gifts that will last forever.

May God bless you forever. Peace my friend.

Thank you for so much.


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