Faith Filibuster… To Justin Jones

Tomorrow at 2 pm they will meet on the capital steps to talk about faith and love and care. I hope you can be there

Justin I will not be there tomorrow as much as I hoped to be.   If I was this is what I would have liked to share….

What is the role of our faith,  of our moral compass to be on the politics that define our living…. Or for some the circumstances of their death?  In 10 years or 20 years what are we to tell our children about this moment when we had the power to do such a good thing?   What are we to say about the kind of people we were and how that defined our living and our caring and what it meant to be a neighbor to us?   They say the Bible has over 2000 verses about how to treat the poor and the sick  and those that don’t fit.   But is it not just one truth…. Love others as you love yourself…. Love God…. Do mercy…. Love justice.   I  don’t know chapters and verses but is that not the song?   Is that not the melody of the life  God would have us live?

I have heard people talk about being realistic and being political but is not in part our vision knowing that in these times that being political is not realistic and that our faith is not just about who we are as a person but who we are as a people.  

Faith is not about this church or that church.   Neither is it a Sunday thing.   It is in knowing that we are meant to be Gods miracle to each other and that the unnecessary suffering of my brother is an assault on my soul that I will never quietly accept.

Faith is about the persistence of love and care in a soil that too often views it as alien and unwelcome.   It is about today.   Let it be about tomorrow and the tomorrows after that.   And know that in this faith comes the seeds for the life we would all have :  for ourselves and our neighbors,  for our families and communities,  for the least and the most.   The sickness and unnecessary suffering of its people should never be the policy of a decent people.

In the words we read today and in the faith in our hearts help us to make this day one day,  one step towards a better Tennessee for all Tennesseans.


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