Recovery and the fallacy of “the big stick”

Some things to consider in light of Congressional pressure to put coercive features in proposed laws.

Hopeworks Community

Many people believe coercion is and should be an essential part of the delivery of mental health services.  Some people even believe without it mental health services can never be effectively delivered because of the characteristics of the people who need help.  If you start with the assumption that someone is not capable of knowing their life is messed up or that they do not want it to get better I believe you have introduced a poison pill into the equation that eventually dooms your efforts.  You can get people to submit.  Submission is not the same thing as emotional investment though and emotional investment is the key, I believe, to any efforts in recovery or any other kind of change.  The most powerful change is anything we think will help us become the kind of person we want to become.     In all other areas of life we seem to know that…

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