On real hope

From 2014

The most helpful people I personally know in the mental health system speak very little, if at all, about mental illness.They talk basically about building a better life.  They see distress and pain as part of life and not a failure in living.  They know that things change and someone being stuck only means it hasnt happened yet.  They appreciate the genius of the mind.  They think that what people learn is so key.  They treasure the genius of the heart even more.  The real wisdom for them is in caring for others and in showing others they can too.  They are humble and that humility is an ongoing strength that keeps them open.  They learn as much as they teach.  They have a confidence in you that survives setbacks.  They believe the answers you find are more important than the ones they give.  They believe their expertise is not as important as your expertise about yourself.  They believe that knowing about you is not the same as knowing you.  They believe hope is real and has little to do with what we wish might happen and more to do with the truth of what can happen.  They like living even when it is hard and like you even when you are.  In the end they think your biggest problem is you are a human being, but they also know it is your greatest glory.


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