On the gift of hearing

We found a miracle today.   And maybe it is a miracle you are looking for also.

We found Tennessee Hearing Instruments.

Linda has been losing her hearing for a while.   50% is basically gone.  At times it is hard for her to follow conversations.   It has gotten far worse in recent months and the progression seemed inevitable.

If you are poor,  if your insurance doesn’t cover it hearing aids seem a million miles away and the loss of hearing a slow death that affects more and more of daily life.

We found about the Starkey Foundation.   Starkey is an international company whose mission is to make hearing possible for poor people across the world.   And then we found out about Tennessee Hearing Instruments.

Tennessee Hearing Instruments has a special relationship with the Starkey Foundation they would be glad to tell you about.   We entered their office in despair. We left in joy.

We found out within 20 minutes that Linda qualified for one of their programs and that she would have free hearing aids in a week.   A week.   Parole… Deliverance….. Freedom…. I don’t know what to call it.   For us it was God’s grace.

They thanked us for coming.   They told us that we had blessed them.  We talked about our life and what this meant to us.  

I don’t know if I have ever left a medical office feeling more glad I had come.  

Being poor is not just a sentence of what you must live with.   Too often,  way too often,  it  is about what you must die with.   Linda has coped with a lot as many of you know, but the loss of hearing,  the loss of conversation,  of so much of what is part of her life seemed so inescapable.   Tennessee Hearing Instruments is a miracle in our lives.

If hearing is an issue in your life, if you are poor and ready to give up the fight for hearing don’t.   If you live in Knoxville or east Tennessee call.   Even if you don’t call.   They can help you find resources in your area.

8655586000…please call .


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