The Murphy war on recovery: on the exorcism of Samsha

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Recovery and Recovery Support | SAMHSA
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It is as important to know what Representative Murphy and his guys are against as it is to know what they are for. They are against Samsha. Really, really against Samsha. If you listen to the passion with which they talk about Samsha you get the feeling they almost regard it as demonic and their proposal as being something akin to an exorcism. One of Samsha’s largest sins according to them is the notion of recovery which they view as the source of all things wrong.

The link above is to Samsha’s description of recovery. Below is a major part of that description. Lets look at what Murphy and guys hope to save us from:

The adoption of recovery by behavioral health systems in recent years has signaled a dramatic shift in the expectation for positive outcomes for individuals who…

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