A very big very big very big decision

Linda and I have made a decision.   An exciting decision,  a scary decision,  but we think a good decision.

After a bunch of false starts and maybes and couldbes and a lot of suggestions and encouragement from friends we have decided to write a book.   I know nothing about how to write a book,  nothing about editing,  nothing about how to get something published or where to look to even find a place to get it published.   I know about stories.   I think we have a story.   I think we have a story worth telling and hopefully one people will find worth reading.

It will be a story of the last 10-12 years of our life.   It is about our small role in the fight for health care justice in Tennessee and a much larger story about a fight for social justice in Tennessee and building a more humane place to live.   It is about people who died that didn’t have to die and people with everything stacked against them who  found a way to live with incredible courage.   It is about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.   But it is also about extraordinary people.

It is about a state that prized partisan politics above human life and the fight to make no human life disposable.   It is about the separation of Larry and Linda Drain.   It is about loss and incredible grief.   It is about 140 letters to the Governor.   It is about sitting alone at night and staring at the walls.   It is about rage and determination and it is about love.

It is about the fight for Insure Tennessee.   It is about the voice of ordinary people and legislators afraid to listen.   It is about what have been,  what we are and what we can be.

It is about all these things and more.   It is about something a long ago friend told me.   “Testify…. sometimes all you can do is say we are people too and this is wrong…”  It is both testimony and prayer.

Much of it is already written in some form on this blog or other blogs we have had.   I hope you will support us in your prayers and thoughts.   We know little about very important things and if you have knowledge or skills you would be willing to share we would be grateful.   Please contact us.

We write in honor of so many that have struggled so hard and in the fervent prayer that soon such struggles may only be of history and that even the poor and uninsured may have fair and equal opportunity to healthy and happy life.

Both Linda and I are eager to hear from you. We can be found easily on Facebook or through this blog. Bless each and everyone of you and pray this effort can help even a little bit to make a difference that we need so badly to become a reality.


One thought on “A very big very big very big decision”

  1. I think you should just write it and not worry about the details. Just writing it at all is the hardest part. Get it on paper and you can always edit it. Your blog is written in a simple unpretentious style, but it is very strong, well thought out, and convincing. That is why you have so many readers.

    You know what you want to say. Just say it, and worry about the details later.

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