A small prayer for a Sunday morning

Lord grant us –

Humility… Let us know that we have much to learn from others.   Let us know that the experience of others offers much to us and that what others know offer us much and  threaten us not.   Help us listen to hear first and not with intent to justify or defend.  Lord grant us humility….

Confidence… Let us know that what we know matters, that what we do counts.   Let us know that even as one person we matter, that our conscience, that our care and commitment to others makes a difference. Let us not be afraid to stand with others but to always know we have much to offer.   Lord give us confidence…..

Courage…. Lord give us the courage to care even when it is easier or safer not to.  Lord help us to know that much is struggle and that we can persist,  that battles are not wars and that much can be learned from each struggle.  Let us know that we are not defined by our fears but by what we do with them.   Lord grant us the courage to stand alone if it be the only way to stand.

Lord we know all life is sacred and every person matters.   Give me the honesty and openness,  the confidence and skill,  and the courage that in every person I meet and in the service of all that depend on me to honor that….



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