Bright spots

What are the bright spots of your day? What are the positives that make a difference? What are the things that energize you, confirm you, strengthen you; the things that in the end lift your day and tell you that you matter and life matters and that it is all worth it?

A friend asked me that question the other day. I had to tell him too often the bright spots seemed too often absent or simply not very bright. I suspect many people, like me, are much better at seeing the dark rather than the light.

I have thought a lot about the idea in the last day and have realized a couple of things.

At least for me bright spots are as much created as found. I know that. I just don’t know if everyday. Part of what matters is what I decide matters. It is kind of a corny analogy but in most situations I have to some degree a light switch. As one friend said, “… Decide what matters… What is worth looking forward to….. What makes a difference….. Act like it matters over and over again…. Your feelings will catch up.” I don’t know if it always works that way or not but it is probably more true than I give it credit for being.

I like the idea of bright spots. I like the term. What I have already seen is that starting my day thinking about bright spots to come and ending it by recognizing those I have seen makes a difference.


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