To the Tennessee state legislature

The legislative session will soon be over and I suspect many of you are glad.   Some of you are actually proud of what you claim to have accomplished.   Many of you I suspect are glad to get out of town without being held accountable for what you refused to accomplish.   We have a state rifle and a state book.  We have several other entries in the “dubious hall of fame.”

A sitting legislator,  until recently a member of the the Republican leadership,  was finally put in the isolation office across the street,  after the sexual harassment of female staffers by him got so epidemic that it got in the newspaper.   From what I have been told everyone basically knew.  The victims had not officially complained so there was “no problem.” Surely an award winner for the “dubious hall of fame……”

But there is one even more deserving award winner.

280,000 Tennesseans are still waiting for you to talk about them. Not pass a bill although that would be nice. They are just waiting for you to talk about them. You spent an entire session talking about how you were not going to talk about Insure Tennessee and you didn’t. If the 280,000 came to the legislature to talk to you it would be the longest line in the history of the world….. But you would still have them wait at the door. My personal nominee for gold medal winner “dubious hall of fame.”

Your job description is justice.  I really think it is that simple.  Your job is through your decisions, your leadership and your modeling to give the people of this state the fairest chance availible to live a good and decent life.  Period.  Everything else is gravy.

How can there be justice without healthcare justice?? Where is the justice when some people are disposable??  Where is the justice in a society that treats the less privileged members of it as though they were burdens and cost too much.  If justice for you, for me, for anyone is purchased with the misfortune of others do any of us have any real justice??  Are not we all diminished??

Justice is the right exercise of power. How can anyone describe this session as the right exercise of power?

The elections are coming. I saw recently that over 20 women had announced to run as challengers in the next election. I don’t know to what degree they are serious challengers but all of them are running on a platform of justice and that would seem to be a dangerous challenge to many of you.

How did the session really go? Did you serve justice? I know many of you want very badly to be reelected but if you were making your case in front of the “good Lord” how many of you would truly say you deserved to be.

Towards a just Tennessee.

Insure Tennessee.


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