When…. the 71st letter

For a long time I wrote Governor Haslam virtually every day…. Over 140 letters overall.   Thinking about the end of this session and all the events from Senator Ramsey saying don’t worry a Republican president is coming to Bill Haslam saying it is the right thing but I don’t want to talk about it right now to Beth Harwell saying nothing and even to the “leadership”  of Jeremy Durham I came across the following letter to the Governor.

It was the 71st letter.

Maybe a good post script to this terrible do nothing session.

When does one man matter to another
When do ears hear the cries
And eyes see the tears
And hearts know that mercy and compassion
Are real choices
More than dollars and cents
More than “realism” not real
When is sickness and death
Not the sentence of the poor
When is care what we do for other people
And not doled out in portions
To make sure it is not stolen
When is the health of our neighbors
A measure of the health of our hearts
And not a threat to the health of our wallets
When will law become the instrument of justice
And not the chains that protect the poor from opportunity
How can we protect the health of our community
When health is not available to all
When will freedom not be a weapon against the poor
But the path to a kinder and better life for all



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